Tea & Coffee Rota

The following should be noted in undertaking this duty. (Please also refer to the notes at bottom of the table)

  1. All crockery etc. is located in the kitchen. All crockery will be brought into the hall on a trolley before the meeting.
  2. Three tables for serving are placed at the right-hand side of the hall.
  3. A committee member will supply the provisions for the day.
  4. Boiling water will be supplied by the Oasis Cafe. Collect about 5 mins before the Business meeting ends.
  5. The charge for Tea/Coffee is 50p per cup. A "float" of £5 in change is supplied by the Treasurer and all monies are returned to him.
  6. All washing up of the crockery etc. will be carried out by the Oasis Cafe. All crockery to be returned to the Oasis Cafe for cleaning prior to the start of the speaker's talk.
Date 1 2 3
19th March 2025
19th February 2025
15th January 2025
11th December 2024
20th November 2024
16th October 2024
18th September 2024
21st August 2024
17th July 2024
19th June 2024
15th May 2024
17th April 2024
20th March 2024 ? ? ?
21st February 2024
17th January 2024
13th December 2023
15th November 2023
18th October 2023
20th September 2023
16th August 2023
19th July 2023
21st June 2023
17th May 2023 Tom Mather John Vyse John Acton
19th April 2023
15th March 2023
15th February 2023 Brian Hodkinson Clive Easteal Ian Beaumont
18th January 2023
14th December 2022 ? ? ?
16th November 2022 Roger Pearce Peter Reed Rob Wilcock
29th October 2022 Mark Adlard Peter Auger Tony Richardson
21st September 2022 Graham Newton David Townend Bill Wheeler
17th August 2022 David Platts Peter Jackson Gerard Riley
20th July 2022 Brian Hodkinson Derek Baxter John Maltby
15th June 2022 John Vyse Paul Scullion Barrie Powney
18th May 2022 Christopher Godwin Patrick Hackett Graham Buckley
20th April 2022 Tony Lawton John Acton Mike Bull
16th March 2022 Derek Clayton David Townend George McCabe
16th February 2022 Tony Richardson Steve Robertson Christopher Sturmey
19th January 2022 Patrick Hackett Christopher Godwin Barrie Powney
8th December 2021* Ron Bowden David Platts Tony Brocklebank
17th November 2021 Graham Buckley Geoffrey Hadfield John Maltby
20th October 2021 Clive Easteal Peter Jackson Tom Mather
15th September 2021 Tom Mather Peter Davenport Paul Scullion
18th August 2021 Derek Baxter Gerard Riley ?
21st July 2021
15th January 2020 Graham Buckley Phil Bennett Tony Brocklebank
11th December 2019 ? ? ?
20th November 2019 Mike Smith David Morgan Derek Clayton
16th October 2019 Tony Richardson Derek Scott John Kitching
18th September 2019 John Harkinson Peter Jackson Barrie Powney
21st August 2019 Gerard Riley John Kitching Roger Pearce
17th July 2019 Fred Evans Patrick Hackett Jim Hinchliffe
19th June 2019 David Platts Fred Evans Steve Robertson
15th May 2019 Rob Wilcock Keith Whiting Bill Wheeler
17th April 2019 Derek Baxter Phil Bennett Tony Brocklebank
20th March 2019 David Townend John Vyse Trevor Whiteley
20th February 2019 Geoff Sears John Simpson Mike Smith
15th January 2019 Tony Richardson Steve Robertson Paul Scullion
12th December 2018 Graham Newton David Platts Barrie Powney
21st November 2018 Tom Mather Bill Wheeler George McCabe
17th October 2018 Jim Hinchliffe Peter Jackson John Kitching
19th September 2018 Patrick Hackett Geoff Hadfield John Harkinson
15th August 2018 Fred Evans Martin Ford Christopher Godwin
18th July 2018 Peter Davenport John Dearn Clive Easteal
20th June 2018 Mike Bull John Burgess Derek Clayton
16th May 2018 Phil Bennett Tony Brocklebank Graham Buckley
18th April 2018 Mark Adlard John Apthomas Derek Baxter
2018 March 21st Mike Smith Rob Wilcock John Acton
2018 February 21st Derek Baxter Peter Reed Derek Clayton
2018 January 17th Robin Strand Jim Hinchliffe David Baillie
The role is voluntary.
Please take appropriate care when using the equipment.
If you are unable to carry out the duty on your date please try to arrange a substitute before contact the Business Secretary.
On general safety grounds and for Probus Insurance requirements it is essential that due care and attention is paid to handling any electrical equipment and particularly the carrying and dispensing of hot liquids. Members undertaking these duties must be confident of their ability to do so safely.